CCT is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan Communications Incorporated (JCI) and a member of The JCI Group.  JCI was founded in 1996 as the world's first MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and since 2001 has been providing innovative mobile data solutions in Japan, the world's most advanced mobility market. JCI started in the wireless industry and truly understands the challenges of wireless communications. JCI pioneered the integration of wide area wireless and WiFi networks and has been the dominant wireless data MVNO in Japan, attaining over 50% market share in the world's leading wireless data market.

Worldwide Locations

The location of JCI Group offices are marked on the map below. Move your mouse over the location pins to see information about each office. Click on the location pin to open the home page for that company in a new window.

Japan Communications Incorporated
Tokyo, Japan
Computer and Communication Technologies, Inc.
Denver, Colorado
Arxceo Corporation
Huntsville, Alabama
Computer Security and Compliance Technologies, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia

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