CCT serves as the R & D branch of The JCI Group, providing the platforms and supporting infrastructure. Our development covers three major areas:

Software Development for Mobile Users

We provide the software that allows our customers to securely connect to a variety of networks (LAN, WiFi, PHS, and 3G). Our platform is highly customizable, allowing us to construct products that range from basic connection management to secure mobile corporate access. This includes Centralized Policy Management to enforce security policies for employees, as well as an embedded Intrusion Prevention System.

Telecom Battery

A Linux-based platform for specific applications that utilize wireless technologies. These devices are aimed at providing a high level of functionality with minimal hardware requirements and cellular connectivity. Telecom Battery products include home-based internet appliances for non-technical users, both stand alone and client/server based, and industry-specific devices for applications such as stock trading, network monitoring, and digital signage.

Data Services

In addition to creating and maintaining internal support systems, we provide applications for business customers that include: Collated usage data and billing information for cellular assets, activity monitoring of data cards, user administration and reporting. We also host a proprietary billing system that provides sophisticated separation of call charges and distribution of bills across departments and individuals for all the major carriers in Japan.

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